Sacramento Sustainable Business

The Sacramento Business Resource Center introduces the
Sacramento Area Sustainable Business Program!

The Sacramento Area Sustainable Business program promotes businesses that take voluntary actions to prevent pollution and conserve resources.

Become a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business in Three Easy Steps…

APPLICATION. Review the certification criteria and checklists.
Fill out the checklists indicating the suggested measures or practices you select. Once implemented, submit an application and your completed checklists for review.

VERIFICATION. Allow program staff to verify the selected measures and track your progress by setting up a site visit at your place of business. Once certified, your business will be presented with a certificate and window placard indicating the level of certification.

RECOGNITION. Submit a business description, a business logo, and a picture of your choice. These will be used on the Sacramento Area Sustainable Business website where your business will gain free advertising.

Recently Recognized Firms:

A Sacramento based company CGO Media supplying the needs of USA, Canadian and UK customers based in Sacramento, California and beyond! You can check them out please make sure you mentioned us!

What are the benefits of being a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business?

  • Free assistance in making changes to your business.
  • Free advertising and promotion.
  • Cost savings through improved efficiency, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction.
  • Community recognition of your voluntary efforts to improve our environment.
  • The opportunity to gain recognition in the SSB quarterly newsletter.
  • The opportunity to gain recognition through SSB annual awards ceremony.
  • Great potential to reduce your carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas (GHG)
  • emissions. An online carbon calculator is available.