3 of the Hardest Ever Marketing Lessons For Sacramento Sustainable Business

At the beginning of 2019, I realized I was doing an awful job at something important. I have not been giving back enough to help other new businesses. For this, I am truly sorry.

And believe you me, I’ve got a lot of expertise banging around in this head of mine.

I’ve been part of the freelance marketing community for over three years, and a start-up entrepreneur for over six.

Ok – so here are a few lessons any new business owner, but especially anyone in freelance marketing, can benefit from:

You don’t have the job until you get the check.

Marketing Lessons

Instead, you have a sales prospect. I’m going to compare this to dating, because we’ve all seen this scenario play out at least a million times; she loves him, he does not love her.

She cooks him dinner, dresses up nice, buys him presents, coos about him to her friends…and then he dumps her.

While your freelance marketing consulting session (an hour or so of time) is necessary to qualify a sales suspect into a sales prospect, don’t assume you’re going to get married and buy a house until you have that check in your hand (or a purchase order prenup.)

Always keep as much on your plate as you can

Wow. You have so many freelance marketing offers, hat you can’t take on a single additional “maybe” job even if you wanted to.

And then they all fall through

This is called your sales funnel – or sales pipeline – and you want to keep it full at all times. Think of nutrients moving through a digestive track (so cool – or gross?). The little fingers grab the nutrients and pass the rest throughout the back door.

What happens if you don’t put in more food? Those little fingers have nothing to grab. Likewise, what you think is a nutritious meal might not actually sustain you (i.e. your sales prospects might not give you checks) – and before you know it, you’re shit out of luck – and hungry. Very hungry.

Focus on how much work you can complete

I want you to take a minute to consider your business model. Do you work on a lot of big contracts, or hustle to accept multiple little jobs?

In freelance marketing, some copywriters enjoy banging out 100 articles a day to earn a living. Others prefer a corporate, contract-only setting equivalent to a full-time job.

Think about:

  • How many hours do you want to write a day?
  • Do you like working on one topic, or several?
  • Can you sustain a 1099 lifestyle with uncertainty?

Small jobs will stay small, but no one client will ever dictate your life. Big corporate jobs will leave you hanging while you find the next opportunity. However, they pay well while you are employed.

My personal insider freelance marketing advice is to set up money systems for small jobs. You never want to chase your money and asking clients to pay in advance alleviates your invoicing headaches.

And if you’d like to have a more detailed chat, about your business, opt-ins, or marketing strategy, book an appointment with me to discuss your business. I’d love to help you.

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