Business Assistance

Sacramento County is eager to assist businesses with permitting and regulatory requirements to create a healthy and thriving community and business climate. As a result, BERC has developed in depth business assistance information for many commonly encountered regulatory issues that is useful to newly established businesses, existing businesses or those considering a new business venture.

Business Assistance

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Our business assistance information seeks to:

  • Facilitate regulatory understanding,
  • Encourage and support environmental compliance, and
  • Streamline the experience of the permitting and regulatory process for businesses within Sacramento County

By clicking on the business assistance area of your interest below, you will find things like:

  • An overview of regulatory requirements
  • Information on permitting, fees, inspections and regulatory agencies
  • Compliance Guidance
  • How-To’s for Permitting
  • Tips and Trouble-shooting Suggestions
  • Resources and more

We encourage you to review each Business Assistance area to see its relevance to your operations or proposed business venture. As always, we invite you to call BERC for more information or additional help.

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