Homeless Help

Homeless Help

If you are homeless and you live in the Sacramento area, there are many organizations thare provide various assistance for the homeless. Different organizations provide different services for the homeless. If you need shelter, there are many homeless shelters in Sacramento County. Some are more specialized than others.


Homeless Shelters

Because there are many people needing help in Sacramento County, there are many homeless shelters. Some are emergency shelters and some specialize in families, children, or women. See:

Drop-in Centers

Drop-in Centers provide many valuable services for the homeless. Read more about drop-in centers and where to find them here.


Department of Human Assistance Homeless

In addition, the County of Sacramento’s Department of Human Assistance Homeless has programs to help homeless individuals and families in Sacramento County. The Deparment plans, monitors and coordinates housing and employment services for homeless people as well. For more information about the Homeless Programs, call: 916.874.4301

Below are some programs run by the Department of Human Assistance Homeless.

Winter Shelter Program

When other local homeless shelters are full during the cold weather months, the Winter Shelter Program offers emergency overnight shelter for those homeless in Sacramento County. With this program, fewer homeless men, women and children will spend their nights in cold weather. This program provides nightly dry shelter and two meals.

Shelter Plus Care

For information about the SHRA Shelter Plus Care program please call (916) 440-1390.

Laverne Adolfo Housing Programs for Former Foster Youth

The Housing Programs for Former Foster Youth provide many housing and supportive services to former foster youth aged 18 through 24 who have “aged-out” of the foster care system.

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