Homeless Shelters

There are many homeless shelters in Sacramento County. We have broken down the list of homeless shelters into homeless shelters for families, singles, children, youths and crisis shelters. Read more about these shelters and how to find them below.


Family Shelters

Emergency family shelters in Sacramento County have their own rules and what they offer. Some offer vouchers for motels but these are limited. They help homeless families with children or single parents with kids.

Single Shelters

There are emergency shelters are single women and men. Some are for men only and some for women only. These homeless shelters often offer other services.

Youth Shelters

Some homeless shelters provide assistance only to children and teens. Few help infants. Children with parents go to family shelters. There are many youth at risk and runaways and these shelters aim to help them.

Crisis Shelters

There are also crisis centers in Sacramento County ready to help victims of domestic violence, abuse, assault, and so on.

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