Melatonin Responsible For Maintaining the Circadian Clock

Melatonin, responsible for the maintaining the circadian clock in the human body is a vital hormone. Released from the pineal gland, production of melatonin only takes place during the night hours which is why people tend to have a sound sleep in the dark.

However, secretion of this hormone ceases as soon as the sun sets in. So, melatonin production and release depend entirely on the detection of light and dark by the optic nerves.

Nevertheless, a lot of people suffer from innumerable myths encompassing this natural hormone. Take a tour of all those fables and debunk at once.

Circadian Clock

5 Myths on Melatonin You Need to Know

  • Melatonin brings in sleep right away

Many people believe that melatonin is an effective sleeping pill. This is because this natural hormone helps the human bodies to prepare for rest and won’t make one sleepy or drowsy immediately.

So, it is always recommended to take melatonin supplement a few hours before one go for bed.

  • Not much effective to sightless

People suffer from another myth that melatonin køb is not functional for blind individuals because it works on light detection process. The truth is melatonin proves equally effective in these especially abled persons which a proper cycle.

  • Doesn’t really possesses any antioxidant property

This marvel hormone is a wonder when it comes to its anti-oxidant properties. Having the power to scavenge out every harmful radical, melatonin is ubiquitous in combating all oxidative stress.

In fact, apart from the supplements, melatonin’s potent anti-oxidant property is also there in fruits like bananas, cherries and grapes to name a few.

  • Pills may cause cancer

Patients who have cancer tend to have a low-level of melatonin. So the pills help to cure malignancy of prostate gland and even breasts.

  • Melatonin can’t mend sleep in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

Studies say over the last 10 years, Alzheimer’s patients have encountered immense help after consuming melatonin pills. The reason is melatonin supplements improve and induce sleep in these patients.

Time to incorporate the facts

  1. Melatonin works wonder with autistic kids

Yes, melatonin works phenomenally well for autistic kids improving their sleep-wake phase. In fact, melatonin potentially increases their cognitive behavior by boosting proper rest.

  1. Blue light is a real hindrance to its production

Most household appliances emit blue light which inhibits the beneficial effects by pausing its production. However, red light with a less intense helps stimulating melatonin production.

So researchers suggest people not to use smartphones or watch TVs while in bed as it may counterpart the secretion.

  1. This hormone has a good impact on the menstrual cycle

Melatonin is hugely responsible for women’s menstrual cycle onset, relapse and even the complete reproductive phase. In fact, this chemical messenger may impart an influence during the beginning of its cycle in the later stage.

  1. Production decreases as one age

With increasing age, melatonin production gradually decreases. This is when; people tend to consume supplements inducing a sound slumber.

  1. Light level does affect melatonin secretion

Be it synthetic or natural, the presence of light is a point blank reason for improper melatonin secretion. Hence people find it difficult to get a good nap while the lights remain on.

So, this is all in a nutshell about the myths and facts of melatonin you needed to know.

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