Sacramento Help

There are many people who need help in the Sacramento area.

If you live in Sacramento County or nearby area, then this site has valuable information on where to get help for you. There are many places you can get assistance for rent payments, mortgages, utilities, shelters, gas, water, bus passes, food, and many more.


Where to get help in Sacramento CA?

Organizations that offer various assistance programs are located all over Sacramento. On our website, you will find lists of help organizations with information on how and where to get help, where they are and what the eligibility requirements are.

Getting help from 2-1-1 Sacramento

If you need help but do not know where to go for help, the first place you can call is 2-1-1. You can begin your search for help there. 2-1-1 Sacramento will put you in touch with the services you need and will refer you to nonprofit organizations that have resources to help you.

Help for the Homeless

There are lots of organizations that offer help for the homeless. Emergency homeless shelters are numerous in Sacramento County for families, singles, women, men, youths, teens, and children. There are also crisis shelters for victims of violence. On top of shelters, there are drop-in centers that provide many useful services and resources for the homeless.

Food Pantries and Meal Help

People especially children should not go hungry which is why there are a large number of food pantries in Sacramento County. We provide lists of food pantries in Sacramento County to help you find the nearest food pantry serving your zip code. In addition to numerous food pantries, there are also places you can get free meals including free breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have provided lists of places that offer free meal services.

Rental and Utilities Assistance

There are lots of people in Sacramento County needing help with rent, hemp dog treats, mortgage payments and utilities. Organizations have funds to help people pay rent and avoid eviction. They also help with other things such as utilities, water, sewer and more. You will find lots of resources on this website on where to get help in Sacramento County.

Please leave comments using our contact form. If you have other resources to share on any assistance programs, please let us know. Thank you for visiting our site.

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