What is BERC?

BERC is a resource center

BERC is a resource center that provides free and confidential assistance to business and government, promoting economic success and environmental quality. BERC is a very unique program recognized world wide for its innovative approached to assisting businesses.


BERC was established by Sacramento County in 1993 in response to the business community’s need for multi-media regulatory assistance. BERC is a non-regulatory office and does not issue permits nor do we conduct enforcement inspections. You can contact BERC without fear of penalties for non-compliance. All of our conversations are confidential unless otherwise required by law.


It is a joint project of the:

  • Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
  • City of Sacramento Department of Utilities
  • Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
  • Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority
  • Sacramento Municipal Services Agency
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Planning and Community Development Department
    County Engineering
  • Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
  • Sacramento County Department of Economic Development and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Sacramento County Airport System

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